Thermacoat Tank Shield

Thermacoat Tank Shield is a highly efficient, energy-saving, flexible coating, designed to protect and lower the external surface temperature of storage vessels. It is non-toxic and friendly to the environment. It is completely washable and resists many harsh chemicals and dirt pick-up.

This water-based coating is made from an acrylic resin system filled with vacuumed ceramic micro spheres that acts as a thermally efficient blanket. Thermacoat Tank Shield has superb fire resistance – it is grade Class A by UL Standards. It can be obtained in a variety of architectural colors for signs and logo making.

Typical Uses

For the exterior of steel petroleum storage tanks and pipelines where the reduction of surface temperature is desired. Used also for the exterior of steel or polymer water tanks, grain storage silos and the exterior of most chemical storage tanks. This coating is resistant to 26 different harsh chemicals including 20% hydrochloric and 25% sulfuric acids.


Use alkyd or epoxy quality primers where required and/or rust inhibitors to make sure rust will not be present during the application of the coating.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean and free from rust, dust, dirt, oil or grease. Minimally, surfaces must be cleaned to remove any loose or chipped paint or any other foreign material prior to the application of Tank Shield. Rust should be controlled with the use of rust inhibitors.

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