Keep Your Home Cool With These Simple Tips

There are many ways to beat the heat of the summer. The usual thing is turning on the air conditioning unit, but keeping it turned on for long periods of time will eat a lot of kilowatts. You may survive the heat, but not the electric bill shock.
Here are some simple tips to keeping your house cool during summer and cut down the air condition usage.

Planting trees

Planting trees is fantastic for your comfort and your wallet. It not only provides a great view outside your house, but it also give shade and preventing heat from entering your windows. It also gives a cool breeze.

Awnings and Solar Screens

Awnings and solar screens keeps the sun’s heat out of your home and the can reduce solar heat gain as much as 65 percent and keeping the sun’s UV and IR radiation out of your home. This can also help your furniture last longer as it provide shade to parts of the house where furniture are in direct contact with the sun.

Open the windows strategically

The windows are a big help in cooling your house. They are not just holes in your house but they serves as a simple ventilation machine. Take advantage of the fact that hot air rises (think hot-air balloon), and create a natural draft by opening downstairs windows on the shady side of the house, and upstairs windows on the hot side of the house. Increase this natural flow by putting a portable window-mounted fan in the upstairs window.

Ceiling Fans

In line with opening your windows strategically, ceiling fans can help the air cool inside your house. Ceiling fans saves you a lot of cash since it operates at a fraction of air conditioning units.

Installing Roof Insulation

Roofs are always have direct contact with the sun and produce so much heat that radiates all throughout the house, in order to reduce the heat, install roof insulators to help minimize the heat transfer to your house.

Liquid Thermal Insulation

Applying a liquid thermal insulation like Thermacoat to your roof is also very helpful reducing heat to your house. Liquid thermal insulation is an elastomeric insulating ceramic coating, which is an emulsion of high-grade acrylic resins, incorporating special additives, dries to yield a tough, velvety, non-yellowing coat with waterproofing properties as well as exceptional abrasion resistance. It also has very strong corrosion inhibitors or rust converters to prevent any further rusting after the application.