Reduce air conditioning bill
therma roof coatings

The ceramic thermal barrier properties of Thermacoat are due to millions of hollow micro-ceramic beads that cluster together and create dead air space. It has the ability to counter “radiant heat” transfer and remains effective when it becomes tarnished and addresses the full solar spectrum.

Thermacoat is unique as it has the ability to offer year round energy savings due to its high insulation properties.

Saves your existing roof!
roof thermal insulation

Prolong the Life of Your Assets. Ceramics are chemically stable (inert) - THERMACOAT ceramic coating has the ability to provide protection against corrosion in extreme environments.

  1. Protective coating of THERMACOAT
  2. Rust treatment for moderate levels of rust damage
  3. Fiberglass patch for heavy rust damage
  4. Depending on the level of rust one or more combinations of the above are applied
No more leaks!
roof thermal proofing

Thermacoat's elastomeric resin forms a seamless and elastic membrane that provides waterproofing and resistance to nature’s break-down

When metal surfaces are exposed to temperature fluctuations, the resulting movement in the substrate leads to joint fractures and metal contortion causing leaks in metal roofs and possibly permanent damage. By regulating the temperature of the coated surface the structural integrity is maintained.

Upto 80% of solar reflectivity
thermacoat international

When heat develops in a surface, it can be absorbed into the structure or, it can be radiated back into the atmosphere as infrared energy through “emittance.”

When you have a surface with high solar reflection and high emittance, like THERMACOAT very little heat gets into the structure to cause problems.

THERMACOAT has 90% emittance, this means that 90% of the 15% absorbed radiation will be emitted back into the atmosphere.

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